Alizbar & Ann’Sannat


Event info

Location RSVK - Ruské středisko vědy a kultury v Praze.
City Praha
Adress Na Zátorce 16, Praha-6, st.m. Hradčanská
Start date and time 24.05.2019 / 18:30


The band Alizbar&Ann’Sannat gained quite a lot of experience during its 8 years of existence, last year played several hundred musical performances at home and abroad – Germany, Hungary and Austria.

At their concerts, the group of four people focuses on the promotion of a sense of enchantment, of fairy tales, prosperity, reasoning and harmony.

That is why in their repertoire you will find only the author's ethno-music, music-fairy tale and European songs.

Applause at the concert is prohibited, so as not to lose the state of eternal bliss of a wonderful mood.

Each concert has a warm home atmosphere and the mystical powers of the harp of the sorcerer Alizbara, which, like a time machine, will move you into the magical tales of childhood. The feeling of a magical journey to another world will not leave you long after the concert.

Alizbar performs with a professional singer, who together with live music creates an atmosphere of fairy tales and the middle ages.

Instruments: celtic harp, flute, hang, percussion, arraj-mbira, violin, glockenspiel, mandolin, charango, ukulele, harp guitar, guitar, vibraton, sansula, harp, udu, bouzouks, etc

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