Event info

Location Retro music hall
City Praha
Adress Francouzská 75/4, 120 00 Prague 2 - Vinohrady
Start date and time 29.11.2019 / 19:00


Show me what you got! –that’s whatMaruv provocatively and sexy calls for in her track "Drunk Groove", which already has 127 million views on the Internet. And while you're still trying hard to figure out what to show, the Ukrainian singer with the dreamlike pseudonymMaruvshows you EVERYTHING!

Her business card is the vampire's living image: challenging costumes made of black, tight-fitting latex, with neckline and slits above the fabric, eye-catching make-up with generously set eyes and inviting red lips, intoxicating lyrics and extremely shocking clips. The wild popularity proves once again that the golden rule of marketing - Sex Sells - works flawlessly.

With electronic dance music, lyrics in English and erotic videos, Maruv‘seduced’ millions of music lovers on social networks and Internet platforms, and was instantly becoming extremely popular. After Maruv conquered the heads and hearts of the audience in the virtual space, she began with the first small tours. The performances in clubs were followed by bigger events and later even a victory in the final of the national selection of Ukraine for Eurovision 2019.

Today we invite you to a concert of the unique and eccentric Maruv in Prague. A strong adrenaline rush, fast pulse and heavy breathing are guaranteed. An uncontrollable voyage of your thoughts that will stimulate your unbridled imagination for a long time!